How to Save Money While Moving to a New Location

Be it Houston or any other place, moving is expensive and one of the main reasons for that is the lack of proper planning, which makes you unprepared for the costs involved. The major costs include truck rentals, fees Houston movers will charge and packing supplies, amongst others. Carefully charting out the expense, the areas wherein you can save and preparing your budget accordingly can help you keep some bucks with you.


Create a detailed budget

This is one of the last things many people consider doing. But if you do not create a moving budget, be prepared to be shocked at the huge expenses that would be coming your way. Whether you are moving yourself or planning to hire a moving company, formulate a budget template for your convenience and calculate the probable charges. Find more about houston movers.  Apart from giving you a clear idea of the expenses involved, it will also highlight the areas where you can save some money.

Understand the actual cost of moving

Prior to starting off with the packing, it is important to find out where the money would actually be spent. Once you figure out the things that you require for successful completion of the move and the money you will have to spend for these things, you will know exactly when and how to move. So, make this cost determination the very initial step in the entire moving process.

Determine the expense after the move

If you focus only on the costs before and during the moving, your job is only half done. The post-move costs can also eat away a considerable portion of your hard-earned money. So, the best thing is to make them a part of the budget during the preparation phase.

movers-packers-gallery1Consider whether to hire a moving company

This depends on how much stuff you would be moving and the distance you would be moving. Hiring a moving company will indeed save your energy as well as time. In most cases, availing the assistance of Houston movers will save your money too since charges of all supplies and equipments are included within a package. So there will be no additional cost and the total cost would be lesser than what you would incur if you buy all these things separately.

Save money on insurance

Additional insurance can surely give you more peace of mind, but still it is you who would have to decide whether it is required or not for the move. Consider all your options, including the insurance you have or the coverage the moving company would be providing you, in case you are hiring Houston movers. Once you weigh the options available, you would be able to save some money.

Careful renting of truck

Renting a truck is not a very difficult process but in order to save money you need to understand the size of the truck that you would need to fit all your belongings. As you rent a truck, get to know whether you require additional equipments or insurance to make sure that you have a smooth move. Finding out the different aspects associated with renting a truck will prevent you from overspending.

How to Manage a Successful Move with Your Big Screen TV

Hispanic couple carrying television

Moving a house means quite a number of electronics have to be shifted from one place to another. Apart from a house or car, one of the most valuable things in any household is television, more so as TVs are increasingly becoming more expensive and bigger in size. The era of box televisions is almost gone and now you have the sleek, lightweight televisions. Here are some tips for you to follow to make sure that the television reaches your new home without any kind of breakage.

Seek help from friends

You may hire professional Houston movers who are experienced in moving different kinds of electronics, and hence know how to handle to avoid any kind of damage. If you are managing the move yourself, make sure that you get adequate help. This is crucial because the television may be fragile and although lightweight, might be heavier that what you think. More number of hands will help you conveniently get it loaded to the truck.

Use moving pads or blankets

On hiring expert Houston movers, you do not have to worry about these things because they will be providing everything. Furniture pads or blankets go a long way in protecting your big screen TV from scrapes, bumps or even fingerprints. There are many truck rental agencies or moving companies that rent padding and blankets. It is also a good idea to purchase a powerful packing tape so that the pads and the blankets are secured in their perfect position.

Young woman watching two men moving plasma television into new house

Rent moving straps

Investment in a moving dolly will indeed pay off if you are moving heavy appliances such as a big screen television. Rent moving straps in addition to the dolly, and this will make the process all the more convenient, since you will be able to keep the pads and the blankets safe. Moreover, with straps attached, you will get handles to move the screen. The weight of the television decides the type of straps to use.

Wrap the television

The television should be wrapped with the blankets or padding in the same manner as you would wrap a large present. You will need help from others to keep the pad or blanket in position, while some other person secures them with packing tape. Never apply any tape directly over the television; otherwise the screen would get damaged.

Move the television

Secure the straps in a proper manner and ensure that people who would be lifting it are able to bear the weight. While lifting the television, carefully check that it is in an upright position. Do not tilt the television to a great extent or lay it with the screen in touch with the floor because it will ruin your prized possession.

Loading on the moving truck

Houston movers will completely help you in the loading process; however it is good to know which place is safe for your television. The TV must be placed in a position within the truck wherein it does not move. The most convenient places would be the back wall or any side wall of the truck. Surround it with other big furniture, so that there is not enough space for movement.

Things to Do Once You Arrive at Your New House

1Arrived at your new house with the help of professional Houston movers? Great! This is an exciting phase and you cannot simply wait to start off a fresh life in your new home with a bang. But wait! It’s not yet time to enjoy. You need to complete certain important tasks before the celebrations begin.

Check the boxes that are delivered

Whether you have moved on your own or have hired movers, there must be a household inventory already prepared before or during the packing. Inspect all the moving boxes against this checklist, as they are being transported to your new house. Make sure to notify the Houston movers immediately if you find any item or box missing and also re-check whether it is mistakenly left in the truck. Also inspect the containers and boxes for any kind of visual damage.

Make the utilities functional

It is always good to make the utilities in the new house active before you make your move. If in any case this has not been done, complete it immediately after you arrive at your new place. First and foremost, you should call the water and power supplying companies. Once there is gas, electricity and running water in the house, definitely things will seem happier and brighter. After these main utilities are taken care of, concentrate on making other essential arrangements such as obtaining access to the phone, internet and other vital services.

Get the essentials unpacked

As you unpack, begin with the essential boxes and make sure that two most essential rooms in your house are prepared, namely the bathroom and the bedroom. Moving is bound to make you exhausted and stressed out so you would need a comfortable place to lie down, hence get ready to prepare the bed as soon as possible.

Also, before you prepare for a good night’s sleep, a refreshing shower is something that you would desperately require. So, unpack your bathrobe, towels, curtains along with all the other toiletries to break free from the dirt and stress of a hectic day.

2Inspect the house carefully

It is important for you to know your new place in a detailed manner. Inspect the house for general damage and other issues such as dripping faucets, plumbing leaks, and so on. Also, inspect the front yard, the back yard and other areas for possible problems.


Locate the main water valve and fuse box

Make sure that you know the position of the main water valve and circuit breaker box so that you can reach them in case there is an emergency. You might also need to cut off the water or electricity supply if a water or power issue needs to be addressed. As an inmate, you must know the fuse controls for every part of the house.

By hiring professional Houston movers, you can make the packing, moving and unpacking easier. However, on arrival at the new house, you need to take care of the above-mentioned things on your own, so that your life in the new place becomes more convenient.