How to Manage a Successful Move with Your Big Screen TV

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Moving a house means quite a number of electronics have to be shifted from one place to another. Apart from a house or car, one of the most valuable things in any household is television, more so as TVs are increasingly becoming more expensive and bigger in size. The era of box televisions is almost gone and now you have the sleek, lightweight televisions. Here are some tips for you to follow to make sure that the television reaches your new home without any kind of breakage.

Seek help from friends

You may hire professional Houston movers who are experienced in moving different kinds of electronics, and hence know how to handle to avoid any kind of damage. If you are managing the move yourself, make sure that you get adequate help. This is crucial because the television may be fragile and although lightweight, might be heavier that what you think. More number of hands will help you conveniently get it loaded to the truck.

Use moving pads or blankets

On hiring expert Houston movers, you do not have to worry about these things because they will be providing everything. Furniture pads or blankets go a long way in protecting your big screen TV from scrapes, bumps or even fingerprints. There are many truck rental agencies or moving companies that rent padding and blankets. It is also a good idea to purchase a powerful packing tape so that the pads and the blankets are secured in their perfect position.

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Rent moving straps

Investment in a moving dolly will indeed pay off if you are moving heavy appliances such as a big screen television. Rent moving straps in addition to the dolly, and this will make the process all the more convenient, since you will be able to keep the pads and the blankets safe. Moreover, with straps attached, you will get handles to move the screen. The weight of the television decides the type of straps to use.

Wrap the television

The television should be wrapped with the blankets or padding in the same manner as you would wrap a large present. You will need help from others to keep the pad or blanket in position, while some other person secures them with packing tape. Never apply any tape directly over the television; otherwise the screen would get damaged.

Move the television

Secure the straps in a proper manner and ensure that people who would be lifting it are able to bear the weight. While lifting the television, carefully check that it is in an upright position. Do not tilt the television to a great extent or lay it with the screen in touch with the floor because it will ruin your prized possession.

Loading on the moving truck

Houston movers will completely help you in the loading process; however it is good to know which place is safe for your television. The TV must be placed in a position within the truck wherein it does not move. The most convenient places would be the back wall or any side wall of the truck. Surround it with other big furniture, so that there is not enough space for movement.

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