Small But Important Things To Observe In Tucson Ac Repair

Here’s the trick here’s the here’s the takeaway for you you don’t have to replace this whole unit these bearings you can buy them separately and you can just replace the bearing I believe this bearing is still good in fact these are both the same bearing if you read the numbers off of these it’s one of the reasons why I had this out just in case you can just replace the bearings and these numbers are printed right here on this orange part and you can get those numbers.

Find that bearing somewhere Tucson ac repair maybe you find it online or what have you but you can just replace the bearing without having to replace this entire pulley and that’ll save you a considerable amount of money I’ll show you how to do that you want to knock the bearing out from the backside I usually do this on the vise and make sure that there’s plenty of space for it to come through this is a millimeter socket it just so happens to fit in there just so let me adjust you a little bit and then you just take a hammer.

And knock it out there you go you can just replace the bad portion which is this very to reinstall you just do the opposite of removal here but be careful because this is a bearing you can damage it so that means start out with gentle love taps as you can see the bearing is now fully bottomed out into the bottom of the assembly would be nice to like put something in between.

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